The Reality of What I Love Doing


April 9th, 2015. I remember that morning strangely lacking faith in the prospects of interesting storms that afternoon, but still I was itching beyond control to see my first tornado. Well, I got what I asked for – more than I asked for. If anyone wants to know the reality of being so fascinated in something that can just wreck people’s entire lives in seconds, this low-quality screen grab from a video I took tells that story. The stop sign face-planted into the street, the keeled-over power lines, the collapsed bar where several people were forced to take refuge and the houses on the right side of the frame (yes I know they’re gone) tell that story. The massive, but admittedly beautiful, lightning-lit wedge tornado chugging off into the distance behind those houses it destroyed minutes ago tells that story. Most importantly, that out-of-place shiny red car also tells that story. It was a just a powerless spectator, just like I was.